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Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, with 1600 species of birds, 4000 species of orchids, a tremendous variety of medicinal plants and unique forms of life with endemic animals both in mainland as in the Galapagos archipelago.

Ecuador also has a high deforestation rate, and its natural resources are in constant danger due to over-exploitation and lack of environmental law enforcement. Other issues Ecuador faces is poverty, malnutrition, lack of health services in remote areas. There are many opportunities humanitarian tours in Ecuador. This is a rare opportunity to combine both a tour of Ecuador and the unique Galapagos Islands and project work, helping with ecology conservation in some of Ecuador's beautiful cloudforests and rainforests or to work with street children.

As a responsible tourism company we have developed several programs to help the poorest people and the most threatened environments in Ecuador. These voluntourism programs combine exciting trips and visits to the most important attractions with volunteer work.

Our flag project is to protect the Choco rainforest, Latin Trails & Ecuador Boutique Travel have teemed up with Kumanii Foundation and offer a one of a kind volunteer program to help protect one of the worlds top 10 bio-diversity hotspots. You not only help the Choco rainforest but its inhabitants as well, the Chachi and Afro-Ecuadorian communities in this area need help with health programs, environmental education, organic agriculture, conservation, re-forestation and many other projects to help cover the many needs and allow these people live in simbiosis with their fragile yet rich environs. Should you be interested in volunteering at Kumanii Lodge or any other area of Ecuador, we can help you put together a custom travel program that combines tourism with volunteering - voluntourism -.