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Ecuador Boutique Travel specializes in outfitting Ecuador tours for individuals and small groups. Our approach to designing Ecuador tours focuses on offering the best experience at each location, showing respect for local culture and environment.

We customize all of our trips to fit each clients individual needs, below is a list of suggestions for tours indexed by regions, by interest, by themes, promotions and by budget. Browse through our online sample tour catalog and get some ideas to help fulfill your unique interests:


Day trips & short tours in Quito & Guayaquil

Quito & Guayaquil are the main cities in Ecuador. The first the capital and first city in the world to be named a Unesco heritage site. The second is the countries main port and is the gateway to the countries nicest beaches.

Both cities are also the departure points to the Galapagos Islands and to most travel around Ecuador. To help you enjoy the most of these equatorial lands we have prepared a series of short tours and day trips that can be added together as modules to help you customize your journey.