Solar eclipse

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Solar eclipse tour possibilities

Solar eclipses and other astronomical events have kept is in awe throughout the ages. At Ecuador Boutique Travel we have had the opportunity to outfit several tours for astronomical societies and specialist astro-tourism operators. The Equator is a strategic location that allows for unique views of these natural events. Whether you are in search of the next solar eclipse or would like to view the big dipper, orion´s belt and the southern cross under the same sky, we can help you put together a custom travel program.

Our trips around these unique events also have an educational focus to teach about the Inca and pre-inca astronomical habilities and uses in agriculture and mythology.

Below we list the upcomming solar eclipses that will be viewable from South America so you can start planning your next trip, whether you want to see the next eclipse from a Galapagos expedition cruise or an Amazon nature cruise.

Solar Eclipse Type            Date                              Region of Visibility
Annular                               22 September 2006         South America
Total                                   11July 2010                    Pacific/S.America
Annular                               26 February 2017           S.America/Africa
Total                                   2 July 2019                     S. America/S.Pacific
Total                                   14 December 2020          S.America
Annular                               14 October 2023             N.America/S.America