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Several destinations for fishing

In Ecuador it is possible to practice both salt & freshwater fishing. The sea is rich and carries many fish in the Galapagos and of the coast. The rivers and lakes have good trout in the Andes. Those in search of something a little more exotic have the option for catching piranha in the Amazon basin rivers and lakes.

Below is a list of fishing destinations in Ecuador, we can help put together a custom itinerary for those anglers planning a trip to Ecuador.

Saltwater fishing

For saltwater fishing there are two main spots in Ecuador: Galapagos and Ecuador´s coastline

The Galapagos Islands are the perfect getaway for those looking to bring family or have a good time with friends. World famous for the extensive migrations of all types of pelagic fish, Galapagos is a true billfish destination promising good shots at blue, black and striped marlin. Complete vacation packages are available for all budgets and all group sizes. The small town of Puerto Ayora, home to all our anglers is the economic center of the archipelago, with the highest population and greatest number of tourist facilities.

Best seasons:

Striped marlin: January, February, March, April, May, June, October, November
Blue marlin: January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December
Tuna & wahoo: January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December

In the coastline Salinas (Guayas Province) and Manta (Manabi province) on the pacific coast are the main centers for deep-sea fishing. The cool and nourishing waters of the Humboldt current providing a constant supply of baitfish are the outstanding ground for hooking dolphinfish (coryphaena hippurus), barracuda (sphyraena indiastes), blue and black marlin, yellow-finned and long-finnned tuna (thunnus albacares, thunnus alalunga) and a lot of other species. Our packages can depart from any of the following villages for a great fishing tour: Salinas, Playas, Manta, Puerto López and Bahía de Caráquez.

Fresh water fishing

There are several lakes and rivers around Ecuador for this exciting sport. The places listed below are the most popular for this activity: Trout fishing in the rivers and lakes of the highland sierra (Andes) of Ecuador is a rather popular sport though prohibited in national parks and national reserves. Well-known fishing spots are Laguna La Mica, Laguna San Marcos, Laguna Mojanda, Micacocha (Laguna La Mica), rio Chalupas, rio Chambo, Cosanga and Papallacta, the lakes and rivers in the Cajas National Park and in the Osogoche area.

Piranha (Piraña) fishing in the Lakes of the ecuadorian Oriente (Amazon Rainforest) is an attraction offered with many of our jungle and rainforest adventure tours. After a refreshing bath in the lake, equipped with just line, hook and bait, one may hook the world's most ferocious and bloody fish...

Fishing hotspots:

North of Quito
Lagunas San Marcos, Lagunas del Voladero, near El Angel, Cajas and Mojanda.

South of Quito
Laguna La Mica or Micacocha and Lagunas de Secas (both near Pintag and Río Chalupas).

In the Amazon
Río Cosanga (south of Baeza), Río Quijos (between Baeza and Lago Agrio) and Laguna Panacocha (east of Coca).