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Food and accommodations around Ecuador are all top-notch and the riding is some of the very best in the world!  For those wishing to go off on their own, we offer motorcycles for rent.  These are late model dual sport motorcycles, well maintained and proven in South America.  Hard and soft Bags available.  They are available to take out of the country, as needed. 

We recommend you combine a rental with an Unguided Tour Itenerary. Where we book all your hotel needs and you can go as you please using our charts and maps of trails and off the beaten path roads.

Suggested itinerary

Day 1 - Quito

Arrive in Ecuador at Quito airport. Transfer in from the airport to your boutique hotel. You will get to see your bike and any last minute preparations will be made. 

Day 2 - Quito

This is an easy day to allow everyone to get used to the altitude (about 9,000 feet).  Ride up to the Equator monument and museum.  See water go down the drain clockwise to the south of the equator and counterclockwise to the north.  Balance an egg on the top of a nail (possible only on the equator). 

Day 3 - Quito - Tena

Ride east on dirt roads towards the jungle.  Dirt roads, a few rocks and some easy stream crossings.  Views of mountains, canyons, and waterfalls. The weather will heat up as we drop elevation, arriving in the jungle town of Tena.  approx 200 km, mostly dirt roads

Day 4 - Tena - Banos

Ride west on mostly dirt roads to the touristy town of Banos.  This is a short riding day to give us time to go explore the Banos' huge waterfalls while. Afterwards, you can take the support truck to town, to sample the nightlife and scooter racing! Five laps around the central plaza on rented scooters- loser buys the next round! approx 180km mostly dirt roads, some pavement

Day 5 - Banos - Riobamba

Head out on vocanic ash covered roads, towards the Chimborazo highlands. The bridges there are safe but they are sure to get your attention!  Then we take the old road to Riobamba, which was destroyed by the big eruption of the Tungurahua volcano a couple of years ago. Then head east towards the magnificent Altar mountain, this is a 9 headed giant, covered by eternal ice, inside the old volcanic cone a glacial lagoon is set. After being stunned by the views, you ride down using old Indian trails towards the city of Riobamba, where you can hang around for a while to shop the Indian markets for souvenirs and visit. Short riding day with lots of action. approx. 220 km, mostly dirt roads with some exciting bridges

Day 6 - Riobamba - Quevedo 

Leave very early after a typical farm breakfast. It is a long day, the longest stage. You will ride directly towards the Chimborazo volcano, the highest mountain of the Ecuadorian Andes, at 6.850 meters above sea level. Reach 5.000 meters, watch hallucinating views of the icy giant, then head down towards the west, and gradually lose altitude using ancient road ways, to end in the subtropical town of Quevedo.

Aprox. 290 km, pavement with some dirt roads

Day 7 - Quevedo -Papallacta

The perfect way to end a perfect ride.  Papallacta is geothermal hot springs resort area west of Quito.  Step outside your luxury cabin and into one of many soothing hot springs pools.  Visit the spa and get a massage.  Hike up the trails for stunning views of jungle covered mountains.  approx 240 km, pavement with some dirt roads

Day 8 - Papallacta - Quito

Sleep in, take another soak in the hot pools, eat a hearty breakfast and ride back to Quito refreshed.  approx 100 km, pavement

Day 9 - Quito - ?

Transfer out for your intenational flight home. Today we have the option to join a trip extension visiting the Choco rainforest or exploring on board one of our Galapagos adventure yachts .

Trip Notes

The above is a sample itinerary prepared with a focus on dirt bike touring. It can be customized to fit the needs and special interests of your travellers.