Toachi Pilaton Forest

Ecuador travel Toachi - Pilaton forests

Protected forests of the Toachi - Pilaton river basins

Ecotourism and Conservation hand in hand

There are several protected areas that can be visited along the Toachi - Pilaton river basins with great biodiversity, a must see for nature lovers.

  • Bomboli protected forest: Km. 20 on the road Aloag - Sto Domingo. Cloud forest in the Andean foothills.
  • La Hesperia protected forest: Tandapi area, rich subtropical cloudforest teeming with wildlife and one of the best places in South America for birdwatching.
  • Tinalandia, lodge and protected area: 20 km. from Sto Domingo in direction of Aloag. Humid forest similar to that of the Choco-Darien gap. Phone: 22449028.
  • Tanti, private reserve: 16 km. from Sto Domingo in direction of Aloag. 400 hectares of  Humid forest similar to that of the Choco-Darien gap. 600 mts. above sea level. Phone: 0987182559, 22439967.
  • Otonga protected forest: About 1000 hectares of cloudforest. Basic lodging available. Phone: 22567550.
  • La Perla, protected forest: Near La Concordia on the road to Esmeraldas from Sto. Domingo.